Eating out Tips for ğŸŽ…Christmas and 🥂New Year Parties

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Image result for before partyBefore the Party

 Going to a party straight after work?

  • Try having a small healthy snack, like a bowl of low-sugar wholegrain cereal, plain yoghurt or a fruit smoothie before you go, so you don’t arrive hungry and dive straight into the high-calorie dishes.
  • If you have to pre-order for a sit-down meal instead of ordering a full turkey dinner why not opt for a healthier option like grilled fish or a vegetable-based dish, and have a soup or salad to start instead of a sweet dessert.

During the partyparty

  •  Studies show that the greater the choice of food on the plate, the more calories we tend to consume. So rather than trying a little of everything at a buffet, stick to a few smart choices – selecting the healthier items first can make it easier to say no to higher calorie options later.
  •  When it comes to drinks, choose sugar-free mixers, go for smaller glasses of wine and beer where possible and try to including non-alcoholic and less carbonated drinks.
  •  Keep drinking lots of water alongside your festive tipples.

Related imageAfter the party

  •  Walk up the stairs rather than taking the lift, or get off the bus a few stops early and walk the rest of your journey.
  • Rather than lots of screen time, why not wrap up and go for a brisk walk in 30 minutes at (4 miles/hour) can use up 150 calories.