Atpata Tambola Game (अटपटा तम्बोला गेम)

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Enjoy Different way of tambola in your kitty parties let enjoy your members in different style. throw out the old boring tickets and try this new atpata style in tambola

Things Required

  • Tambola Board
  • Tambola numbers or counters
  •  Blank Tickets of paper
  • pen

Dividends are simple 

  • Early 5
  • First Line
  • Second Line
  • Third Line
  • Full House

How to play

Distribute all blank chits to members as shown in the picture.

atpata ticket

1st time when members get the ticket, they have to write 1 no of their choice and pass those tickets to member sit on their left side

then again write a number of choice on the ticket they get from their friend, rotate tickets till 15 rounds till the 15 no.s won’t mention on each blank ticket.

Once the process complete, now the person has to start the game with the same tickets they hold at the last time.

Want to check the video of this game, watch below:-