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Luck Game | Valentine Special Game | Luck Fun with Dice

Enjoy Luck game in your Valentine party. It’s a fun game.

Items Required 

  • 2 Dices
  • Paper
  • pen

Preparation of Game

  • Prepare a paper like shown below

luck game

How to Play: 

Ask a member to come 1 by 1 and throw dice 8 times.

Write both addition number of both dices like if dice comes 5 and 4 then it should be written as 10 on paper.

do the same for 8 chances. Then at the end match those digits to the paper we have prepared to play.

and count only those numbers who are mention on a given sheet.

Winner of Game:


The person who is having a maximum score is a winner.

for understanding, you can also  watch a video below

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