Winter Spcial – Till Gud Ladoo (Sessame Seeds & Jaggery Ladoo)

Try Till Gud Ladoo on this winter end session. Healthy, Delicious and Simple Recipe to enjoy your winters. Get the easiest and quick  recipe here

Ingredients Required (For 18 – 20 Ladoos)

250 gms sesame seeds (Til)

250 gms Jaggery (Gud)

1/4th spoon of cardamom(elaichi) powder

1 spoon of desi ghee

Steps to Prepare

Heat a Kadai or Pan and add 250 gms of Til in it. the pan should not be too hot, it should be on low heat.

On a low flame roast til seeds and stir at intervals.

Continue to stir sesame seeds for 2-3 minutes on low flame, seeds will pop and change colour as shown in the picture below

Remove it and keep aside in a plate. now in same kadai or pan, add 1/2 spoon of ghee and put 250 gms of jaggery in it.

on low flame stir jaggery continuously in kadai till it melts.

once jaggery melts and smoothes it starts forming bubbles and sticky(called as 1 tar ki chashni).

on this stage quickly add sesame(Til) seeds in it and add Elaichi powder too. and Mix it well and keep aside.

Start forming ladoo shapes when it’s still hot.

Spread light ghee on thali and put ladoos in a plate initially.

Your ladoos are ready to eat. enjoy your ladoos.