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Phool Aur Kaate One Minute Game | Rose Day Special | Valentine Day Special

Things Required

  • Lots of Roses
  • Roses with stems included thorns(kaata)
  • One Bowl
  • Water

Preparation of Game

  • Split roses petals and stems with thorns
  • Put all these in a bowl
  • Make sure stems with thorns will max in quantity instead of rose petals for game difficulty.
  • Add half or more water into it.

How to play this game

  • In a Minute, participant have to separate rose petals in a separate bowl
  • It’s not easy to pick petals as we put water and thorns in it for difficulty.

Winner of this game

  • The participant who can separate the maximum no of petals into a bowl.
  • Disqualify or negative points if someone separating thorns or stems.

You can watch this game on below video also: –

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