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GolMaal Tambola Game

Enjoy suspense and surprise in your tambola. enjoy golmaal tambola in golmaal way.

Preparation of Game 

Assign numbers on tickets like 1, 2 ,3 , 6, 7 ,8 …. for 3 lines and 4, 5 , 9, 10… to four corners and Full House.

eg as shown in ticket

golmal ticket2exp 1

Now Prepare a Hidden card of numbers you assigned on tickets. and write member names in front of those numbers. the name should be written in manner that every member should be eligible for 3 lines, four cornes and full house. But remember assign name like every line or other dividend should be from different ticket. plz have a look on below chart as an example

golmaal card

in above card we have 3 playes swati, nupur and pooja. so you can see as per card

swati is eligible for

first line of 1st ticket

Second line of 3rd ticket

last line of 2nd ticket

four corner of 1st ticket

full house of 2nd ticket

How to play 

You have to play this game in normal way we play tambola in our kitty parties. just you have to hide above card and number assigning secret from them.

whenever member claim any dividend just write it on seprate card like

1st line winner is of 6th assigned no (2nd ticket)

2nd line winner is of 2nd assigned no (1st ticket)

and so on….

you have to reveal this secret or distribute prize money after end of the game by revealing secret of game. and prizes should be distribute to persons who actually won according to assigned no in card. for example as per above 2 winners

1st line winner is Nupur

2nd line winner is Nupur again

and so on…

I hope you get the idea of this game, if want to learn more can view below video or comment your queries in comment section

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