aloo chaat

ALOO Chaat (Non Fried) | Healthy Dhaniya Aloo Chaat | Quick Chaat Recipe by KittyFun

Enjoy oil free(Non Fried) Dhaniya Aloo chaat in your kitty parties, no compromise in taste. Simply awsome and quick chaat recipe. Takes hardly 15 – 20 minutes to prepare.

Ingredients required

3 – 4 spoon Sweet Imli Chutney

3-4 boiled Potatoes

200 gms green coriender (hara dhaniya) paste

1/4th spoon black pepper

1/4th spoon salt

1/4th spoon jeera powder

1 Tsp. olive oil

1/4th spoon hing

How to prepare

  1. Cut potatoes in cubes
  2. In a kadai add 1 tsp of olive oil
  3. Add Hing in it.
  4. Add potato cubes in it
  5. Add Black pepeer, jeers powder and salt in it.
  6. Add Green dhaniya paste to it as well as imli chutney into it.
  7. Mix it well
  8. Garnish it with Imli Chutney and jeera powder

View below for video recipe


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