Freeze Tambola | Monsoon Twist in Tambola Game

Enjoy your monsoon and rainy days kitty parties with special monsoon twist in your tambola game

To Play this game you have to create drops on any 2 numbers mentioned on tickets.same as shown in below tickets

drop ticket e1561536864993

Dividends are simple like :-

  • four corners
  • Early 5
  • 3 lines
  • BP
  • Full House

How to Play:- 

Host have to call tambola no.s in a same simple way .

Suppose someone’s drop number called by host then that member have to say word ‘FREEZE‘.

One she/He said the same so the next 3 no’s called by host will be marked by all but noone can claim any dividend till next 3 no’s called by the host.

Once its finished game is back to normal play. now what happen if on 1 no. someone called freeze and on 2nd no. someone again called freeze. here is a example to explain,

Suppose M1 called freeze at no 57(from 1st ticket) – M1 shall claim any dividend in next 3 no’s and others wont claim anything till the freezer mode on by M1.

Now Suppose next 3 no’s are 63, 42, 1

Now on 63 M2 called freeze – so M2 will play for next 3 no’s to claim any dividend , it means only M1 and M2 can claim any dividend for next 3 no’s

It means M2 will play 42, 1 , 72

ans M1 will play for 63, 42, 1

below is youtube video to understand on video

Still have quesries drop query in comment section.

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