Plum Mango Punch | Plum Mango MilkShake | Plum Mango Smoothie

Enjoy your Mango Milkshakes with twist of plums in it. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A , Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Copper, Folate and  High in fibre.

Plums contains many vitamins and minerals, Plums Contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K,

Pottasium, Copper and mamagnese. Both may improve your Digestive Health.

Try this simple recipe at Home and enjoy Healthy Refreshing Drink in summers.

Ingredients Required (For 4 Persons)

3 Medium Size Dussheri Mangoes

2 Medium Size Plums

4 Spoon Sugar

350 ml milk

100 ml of water

7-8  pieces of ice

How to Prepare 

  • Cut 2 Mangoes into pieces, add sugar and water into it.
  • Blend it into mixer grinder
  •  Now Add milk into it

  • Again blend it into mixer.
  • Cut 1 Mango into small pieces.
  • Cut Plums into small pieces

  • Add mangoe and plum pieces into mangoshake stir into it with help of spoon.

  • Serve it into glasses and add few pieces of mangoes and ice on the top of smoothie.