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5 One Minute Games for Sawan and Teej Theme Kitty Parties | Kitty Party Games

Enjoy your Sawan and teej kitty parties with special games. here kittyfun present special game for your sawan party fun

 1. ‘Sajna Hain mujhe Sajna Ke liye’ One Minute Game

Its Totally Different Game to Play, Game is to Place Bindi on a sketch made on paper.

Things Required

  • Bindi’s
  • Sketch paper shown in picture

To get a sketch soft copy of this game click here :-

How to Play:

1.member has to sit on chair in front of paper.

2. start pasting bindi’s on paper in time of one minut.

3. member have to paste it like we paste bindi’s on our face during marriage time like on forehead , above eyebrows .

4. Count those bindi’s  pasted  on valid locations.

5. Maximum scorer will be the wonner of this game.

To understand full game idea to play, watch below video

2. Wheel of Fortune One minute Game

This game is Lucky game too. you have to achieve your target as well as your luck works in it. its a paper game. you have to again paste bindi on a design made on paper.

Things Required 

  • Bindi’s
  • BlindFold
  • Paper Design as shown

To get a  soft copy of this game click here :-

How to Play

  1. Member should be blindfold to play this game
  2. put designed paper in front of her.
  3. she start pasting bindi’s on paper in one minute time.
  4. now check the bindi’s [position on paper, the bindi inside the no. box will be counted. if bindi is in +5 box thn 1 bindi will be counted as +5 in score, if one bindi is in +3 box , then total score is 5+3 = 8
  5. maximum scorer will be winner of this game

To see game idea in video, watch below video

 3. Bangles and RubberBands One Minute Game

Easy Fun Game to enjoy your teej parties, you have to make wheel shapes with the help rubberbands and bangles.

Things Required

  • Bangles
  • RubberBands

How to Play:

Pick 3 Rubberband , Strech it and bound bangle inside it. Person who made maximum wheels will be the winner of this game.

To Know How to make these shapes get better idea on youtube , checkout below video

4. Bangle Chain Fun One Minute Game

Game you can play as group game as well as individual game.

Things Required:

  • Bangles
  • Safety Pins

How to Play:

You have to make a chain with help of safety pins and bangles. insert safety pin into bangles and make a long chain.

person who make longer chain will be the winner.

To see video of game play check below video:-

5. Bangles and Shapes One Minute Game

Enjoy Shapes in Bangles , easy and intresting games

Things Required 

  • Bangles
  • Matchsticks

How to play

  1. Make triangles with the help of matchstick inside bangle.
  2. Maximum shapes count will be winner of this game

To watch game video , check below:

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