Enjoy your teej theme parties in teej way, enjoy these one minute, lucky, tambola and teej queen games. checck games belowOne Minute Teej ans Saawan Special Game

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1. One Minute Teej ans Saawan Special Game

A Unique Game to enjoy your kitty parties with use of bangles and matchstick

Things Required

  1. Bowl of rice
  2. Matchsticks
  3. Bangles
  4. Blindfolds

How to play

Each member have to blindfold before to start game. arrange 2 bangles in rice bowl as mentioned in above video.

now a participant have to make matchsticks stand in a bowl and carefully check that the black part of matchstick should be on top.

now after 1 minute you have to check how many matchsticks particpant wa able to stand in it. the matchsticks comes inside the bangles zone and black part at top will count for the score.

Maximum scorer will be winner of this game

Check video to understand more

Bangles Matchstick Teej Game

2. 2 in 1 Fun Game for Teej Lucky Ladies and Teej Queen

This is 2 in one game select lucky ladies as well as teej queen, this time no apperence or good looks to decide your teej quenn. kittyfun present a mind game to win crown of Teej

Things Required

  1. .Coins (Count will the no. of members present in your party)
  2. pen
  3. paper

How to play

First of all on 4 coins write letter T,E,E,J – TEEJ separately and mix it well in other coins .

Now ask each member to pick one coin from box.

the ladies who got these 4 letter will be the lucky ladies of teej and those 4 are eligible to play for Teej Queen

Now they have to play for teej queen, give them pen and papar to play

Ask those 4 ladies toi write ladies accessories names having letter they pick from coins. for example if someone picked Tone coin so she have to write ladies accessories name having letter T. For example – Anklet, Mangtika, Toe Ring, Tagadi etc.

Now how to count score – you have to count each letter of words wriiten by each women. like in above example score is 27…

For more understanding you can watch game video too

Teej 2 in 1 game for lucky ladies and Teej Queen

3. FUNNY One Minute Game | Teej Special Kitty Party Game

Enjoy this unique game in your teej parties

Things required

  • Packets of Red Bindi
  • Blindfolds

How to play

blindfold member and then ask her to put bindi’s on her forehead in pattern we used to opt in bridal makeup

To check more view video

One Minute Teej Funny Game

4. Teej Tambola Game 

Enjoy this beautiful teej tambola in your kitty parties, why use boring tickets in your parties, enjoy colorful, attractive tickets with new dividends .

Tickets are available in any type you want layout, Soft copies(Via email) and Hard Copies (Via courier), to purchase whatsapp or contact at 9818020545

Dividends are

  • Bindiya – Circles colored in red
  • mehndi – circles colored in yellow
  • Pankhi – Circles colored in blue
  • Bindiya sajan ki – ask members to write name of their husband on any 1 bindi. if the no. called by host will be claimer of this dividend
  • Meri Best mehndi – write your name on any mehndi
  • Full house – Ayyi Teej AAyi

Watch video below

5. Teej Written Game

How can you forgot written game for teej checkout this game for your teej parties.

In mentioned sheet you have to write words related to mention words and all words you have to write related to ladies accessories and solah shringar.

For example ‘आँखों का – काजल

teej to upload
Teej Written Game

To Get this beautiful full sheet of this game. To Purchase Contact on 9818020545 or drop your contact or mail id id comment section.

  • Price for single soft copy sheet (via email) – Rs. 30/-
  • Price for readymade sheets – Rs. 220/- for 10 sheets

Can check this game seprately here too http://kittyfun.in/teej-written-game/

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