3 Games Must Enjoy on Teacher’s Day Theme Parties

‘Bhujo to Jane’ One Minute Teachers Day Special Game

The game is Very simple and also kids can play in there parties.

Things required to play

  • Paper Slips
  • Flask

How to Play

  • Prepare slips of the words written on it related to subject Science, Mathmatics and Social Science
  • For example :- Mathematics words are:- Algebra, Circle, Triangle, Line, Sum, Addition etc..
  • Science Words are:- Acid, Chemistry, Physics, Skeleton, Skull, etc..
  • Social Science words are: – Geography, Civilization, Maps etc…
  • Mark 3 Flasks with different colors and tell player to rembemeber one color to one subject
  • Give them 1 minute and start seggregating 3 subject related words to 3 flasks simultaneously.

For more understanding watch below video

Bhujo to jane One minute game

Teacher’s Day Special Tambola Game

There are total 21 Dividends in this teacher’s day special tambola game, which is purely dedicated to teachers.

Preparation for Tambola

  • make set of 5 -5 tickets for each members.
  • Write 5 subject name on each tickets of members for example : Maths, Science, English, Hindi, Social Science

Dividends/ Options to win Tambola

  • Paas or fail (Includes 10 dividends)
    1. Numbers above 33 in each tickets comes under pass dividends, it covers total 5 dividends
    2. Numbers below 33 in each tickets comes under fail dividends, it covers total 5 dividends
  • Distinction Dividends – Tickets having No. 75, it covers total 5 dividends
  • Pass in subject – It is a full house of each ticket, when all 15 no’s of subject(1 ticket named as subject). you can claim it as ‘Pass in Science’, It covers 5 dividends
  • Passed my board exam: when all tickets are claimed

To understand more plz watch below video

Teacher’s Day tambola

A for Apple, B for Ball Teachers day special game

It is a group game, you can enjoy this game on the teachers day in school, colleges, teachers get together as well in your kitty parties.

How to play

Sit in a circle, we are going to play it in a antankshni way, but its a word antankshni.

For example Host has given a word A for Apple, so member 1 have to speak a word starts from letter ‘E‘. now member 2 stated ‘Elephant’, so 3rd member have to speak work from letter ‘T’.

Person who were not able to speak in 2 seconds will be out as this antakshni is a rapid fire antakshni.

For more watch this video

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