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4 Tambola Games for your September Kitty Parties

Enjoy your september kitty parties with special tambola games. checkout below tambola, you can get these tickets as soft copies as well as hard copies. For any purchase contact me on 9818020545 or mail me at

1. September Tambola

Kittyfun made tihss special tambola for your september kitty parties only.

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youtube link: – September Tambola Game

Enjoy this september tambola including your teacher’s day as well as monsoon.

There are total 8 dividends in this tickets

  1. SEP Dividend : First 3 letter of Ticket
  2. TEM Dividend : Middle 3 Letter of Ticket, in this dividend ignore blue marked numbers of Letter ‘T’ and ‘m’.
  3. BER Dividend : Last 3 letter of Ticket
  4. Teachers Day Dividend : Numbers mentioned on letter T including Blue marked number.
  5. Monsoon Dividend : Numbers mentioned on letter M including blue marked number.
  6. 4 Corners Dividend: Include letter S and Letter R numbers.
  7. ‘Eshh’ Dividend: Numebers mentioned on all ‘E’ letters of ticket.
  8. Full House: When all numbers of ticket will be marked by participant.

2. Autumn Tambola

Enjoy september by welcoming Autumn season and say bye bye to summers .

autumn sample

Its a simple ticket with different theme and ticket graphics

Dividends are

  1. Happy Fall Dividend
  2. Bye Bye Summer Dividend
  3. Its’ Autumn Dividend
  4. Early five
  5. Happy Autumn – Full House

3. South Indian Style Dosa Tambola

As we are celebrating Onam nd Boat race festival. we are enjoying south indian theme too. For your south indian themes , we have this Special Dosa for you

sample south indian
youtube link :- South Indian Style Masala Dosa Tambola

Dividends of this masala dosa is same spicy like this dosa.

For dividends checkout the below video

youtube link :- South Indian Style Masala Dosa Tambola

Note for south indian tambola: As we are playing with 4 tickets , so every person have 60 numbers of tambola in hand, it may clash your full houses, if you dont want to give multiple gifts on one house , you can stick to claim only 1 or 2 huses by 1 participant only.

4. Magic Numbers Tambola Game

Many of you enjoying Panditiji theme this month. so this is unique tambola game for your panditji theme.

This tambola i especially made for your panditji theme parties. for dividends check below video

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