7 Unique Tambola for Diwali Kitty Parties

Enjoy your parties in unique way, enjoy these tambola in your diwali theme kitty parties.

1. Magical Diya Tambola Game

Beautiful ticket with new unique dividends as well ticket and twists and also 3 ways to play. For this unique ticket booking you can contact us at 9818020545

There are total 11 Dividends

  • Diya 1 – Silsila ye chahat ka….. Dividend
  • Diya 2 – Diya jale jaa jale naino…. Dividend
  • Diya 3 – aayi hain diwali …. Dividend
  • My 6 with twist
  • Diye ki Lau Dividend
  • Shagun Dividend (includes 3 dividends)
  • Boom Dividend
  • Fuljhadi dividend
  • Full House

To know how to play it in 3 ways and their dividends check below video

youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOkh7a44EOA

2. Diwali Dhamaka Tambola with Twist

Enjoy this beautiful and twisted tambola to play. For this unique ticket booking you can contact us at 9818020545

There are 6 Dividends inthis tambola

  • Khushiyon ke diye Dividend
  • rangon se saja aangan Dividend
  • Dhoom dhadaka Dividend
  • Boom Dividend
  • Fuljhadi Dividend
  • Full house with twist

Check below video to know about the twist of full house

youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFmAoOva5Kk

3. Melodious Tambola Game for Kitty Parties

Enjoy this melodius tambola on diwali parties with your friends and family.

For this unique ticket booking you can contact us at 9818020545

All dividends are in musical way and different way to claim.

Here are the dividends

  • Mera jhuta hain Japani , ye patloon englishstani, sir pare lal topi hain
  • Suraj hua madham chhand dhalne laga, asman ye haye kyun pighlne laga
  • Ankhen bhi hoti hain dil ki zubaan
  • Dil deke dekho , dil deke dekho , dil deke dekho ji,
  • Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga, jaisa khilta gulab, jaise shayar ka khwab

In this tambola we have 3 -3 numbers dividends , and dividends made with the jugalbnadi of song and pictures mentioned on ticket.

The higlighted bold text in dividends list making a dividend of your tambola. Like Jhuta – Patloon – Topi make 1 dividend. in below ticket when numbers are 25 – 75 – 83 will be marked then you can claim dividend mera juta hain japani. for more to know about this game check below video

image 1

4. Festival Fun Tambola Game

This is awsome ticket to enjoy in your kitty parties, includes all festival with unique ticket and unique way to play. you can play it with set of ticket for 1 member or 1 ticket for 1 member, sharing 3 set of ticket for one member, for more options contact us on 9818020545

Dividends are mentioned on ticket itself. to understand more checkout below ticket as well as video mentioned below

5. Crackers Tambola Game

Enjoy every moment of your diwali parties. enjoy crackers in tambola and say no to crackers on this diwali. enjoy with your family and friends, for tickets contact us at 9818020545

Every ticket is different for members, some going to play with Anar , so some of you going to play with rocket. there is a unique way to play this tambola. to know more checkout below video

6. Playing cards Tambola Game – No Tambola Set to Play

One more unique wat to enjoy diwali is cards. and card in tambola is super duper hit idea to enjoy kitty party with every member of home, friends and family. no tickets , no tambola numbers required for it to play.

checkout this unique idea in below video

7. Rangoli Tambola Game

Simple and beautiful ticket for your diwali parties. rangoli makes our home beautiful, why dont you make your kittyparties more beautiful with enjoyment of rangoli tambola. havin gunique dividends to enjoy. for tickets contact us at 9818020545

checkout below video to know more

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