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All Games are ready to enjoy your bigg boss theme kitty party, enjoy your theme party in bigg boss way. kittyfun present all fun games especially designed for your Bigg Boss Theme Kitty Party.

1. Big Boss Tambola Game

Enjoy Unique and intresting tambola game espcially made for your bigg boss theme parties. Dividends are simple like early 5, 3 lines, full house etc. but game is with lots of twist and surprises. A different way to play. watch below video to understand more about his game.

Shown Tambola Sheet as well as tickets are available. To Get this material contact us at 9818020545

youtube link: bigg boss tambola

2. Bigg Boss Group Game with One Minute Game Surprises and Fun 

When we are thinking about Bigg Boss Theme, then group game is must to play as in bigg boss home they do everything in team or together. so to reflect everything about bigg boss in your theme, must play this game in your kitty parties, there are lots of one minutes games and surprises to have full of fun in your party. To get the full about this game plz subscribe our channel and contact us at 9818020545

watch below video to know more better about this game

youtube link: Bigg Boss Group Game

3. Big Boss Fun with Luck Game

Enjoy this different and not a minute game in your theme party. game is not time bounded but wont take much time to play, its hardly takes 1 minute for every participant to finish it. it is vey simple to arrange this game,

How to play :- you have to prepare few slips for it to write few numbers and danger sign and eye signs on it. Participant have to pick 7 slips out of 11 or 15 slips. then you have to count no and bonus point of eye and deduct points for danger sign.

to know more better watch below video

youtube link: bigg boss fun game

4. Punctuality Game for Bigg Boss Theme

Easy and quick punctuality game for your Bigg Boss theme parties, you have to make slips of Text written Danger, safe and Out on it. To know better plz check below video

big boss punctuality game

5. Bigg Boss Video Invitation

to customize this video contact at 9818020545 or drop your contact details in comment section

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