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Motu Patlu & Samosa Tambola| Childrens Day Tambola

Enjoy Unique and intresting tambola on your childrens theme kitty party, Enjoy new theme with new tambola, Motu Patlu Theme .

There are 7 Simple Dividends to play:-

Dividends are simple Like

1. Motu ki dimag ki batti jal gyi  – Early 5

2. Motu ne 1 samosa hi to khaya abhi – 1st  line

3. Motu ne 2 samose hi to khaya abhi – 2nd line

4. Motu ne 3 samose kha liye  –3 rd line

5. Patlu mujhe bahut gussa aa raha hain –Temperature

6. Motu tu to charo khane chitt ho gya – Four corners

7. Ye hain motu patlu ka Hungama  – Full House

Ticket to play

motu patlu sampleweb

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Game twist

As you can see 2 samosa on above ticket . each samosa have an ultimate twist. a a samosa one number marked then a player has to raise hand and say ‘I want to share my samosa‘. when host allowed him to share them a person can selct any member to share her samosa with any member of her choice. once she asked any member ‘i want to share my samosa with you‘, if selected person says ‘yes‘ then its a win win situation for both. How ?

if in above ticket samosa marked in middle line then whenever middle line claim from any of them will share the bonus with each other.

if a person said ‘i dont want to share my samosa‘ or selected person says that ‘i dont want to eat her samosa‘ then there is twist for both of them, as its a confusing state to select for any person either they want to eat & share their samosa number or not. if it is a situation, then a person who rejected this sharing have to add one tambola number of Host or another persons choice. It means if you have 15 number tickets on tambola then after rejection it will be 16 or if rejected twice then 17… every rejection includes 1 extra number in your ticket. and this number inclusion effect your differends like lines, full house..

For oral undertanding watch below embeded video:-

Youtube link: Motu Patlu and samosa tambola

        To purchase this ticket Contact us at 9818020545

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