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3 Unique Tambola Games for Christmas Kitty Parties

Enjoy your christmas parties with special theme based tambola game. ticket design, dividends and way to play are all based on theme only.

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Merry Christmas Tambola Game with Santa Clause Surprise Gifts

Enjoy this unique ticket with santa cap and lots of surprises are waiting for you. Enjoy new dividends , new ticket in your chritmas special kitty party. For tickets contact us at 9818020545

Enjoy tombola with special Santa clause ticket as well as santa clause surprise gifts for all.
Enjoy new Christmas tambola ticket
Enjoy new dividends for Christmas tambola game.

merry christmas tambola sample

Watch below video to know this game

Christmas Tree Tambola

here one more unique design , unique game and also unique way to play. we need playing cards also to play this game

For tickets contact us at 9818020545

Christmas ticket

To know the whole idea to enjoy this ticket watch below video

Santa Clause Tambola

Enjoy Santa in your ticket with new look and new dividend .

For ticket purchase contact us at 9818020545

toknow full game watch below video

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