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Love Dice One Minute Luck Game|Valentine Special Game for Kitty Party

Enjoy your valentine with special love Dice Game. Roll your love dice and try your valentine luck in a minute. Enjoy your parties with you valentine luck.

Items required to play

  • Dice
  • Paper Sheet attached below (you can download and take a print of it free)
love Dice
Valentine Love Dice Sheet . Hold touch to download this image

How to Play?

  • Roll a dice in a minute as much as you can.
  • on every roll whatever digit display in you dice like 1, 2, 3… so on.. you have to put 1 coin or counter on the same number present in chart.
  • this you have to continue till one minute.
  • in a one minute try to achive LETTERS ‘VALENTINE’ written on Paper
  • A Single rule is put coints in a line means if dice having number 1 twice so first 1-1 market one sohuld be filled first , same with other numbers. fill it in a line. check result image to understand more.
  • watch this game on youtube also

How to Score?

Score is a part where your luck works

  • Count simply your coins you put on roller numbers.
  • Score is like 1 Point is for 1 heart marked on paper
  • 2 points is for 2 hearts
  • 3 for 3 , 4 for 4 , 5 for 5 and 6 for 6

For example : check below image to understand the scoring

I achive 14 coins in one minute .

  • 3 coins on 1 number
  • 4 coins on 2 number
  • 3 coins on 3 number
  • 2 coins on 4 number
  • 1 coin on 5 number
  • 1 coin on 6 number
  • So my score is like (3×1 + 4×2 + 3×3 + 2×4 + 1×5 + 1×6) = 3+8+9+8+5+6 = 38
  • Now as i say there is a hidden points in alphabets. so if you wont be able to achive then each letter count is equal to point like in below sheet i got 4 letters so 4 more points add in above score.
    My total score is now 38 + 4 = 42
    if someone able to achieve all letters then that person crack the Valentine and love dice in this game and achieve a point 20 for it.
  • if any confusions can drop your message in comment box below.
love Dice result
Sample Result sheet of Love Dice

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