roop ki rani tambola

Roop Ki Rani Choro ka Raja Tambola Game

Enjoy new dividends on simple tambola tickets. Enjoy game in a new way.

Checkout These dividend of tambola Roop ki Rani Choro ka Raja

Sipahi 1 Dividend

Sipahi 1 dividend is the first 2 corners of tickets or you can say 1st number of 1st line and 1st number of last line


Sipahi 2 Dividend

Sipahi 2 dividend is the last 2 corners of tickets or you can say last number of 1st line and last number of last line

image 1

Chor Dividend

Chor dividend is numbers having 0. you can ask for to cut any 2 numbers having 0 for claim

image 2

Chorni Dividend

Corni dividend is the dividend which you have to mark numbers having 1. or for claim you can ask any 2 numbers having 1.

Note: you can cliam any 1 dividend from chor & chorni as few tickets may have 0 number and few tickets may have numbers including 1

image 3

Mantri Dividend

Mantri Dividends are simple to understand

  • Mantri 1 is 1st line of ticket
  • Mantri 2 is 2nd line of ticket
  • Mantri 3 is 3rd line of ticket
image 4
image 5
image 6

Roop ki Rani Dividend

Roop ki rani is dividend where your have to mark all even numbers present in your tickets. even numbers are those which are compltely divided by 2

image 10

Choro Ka raja

choro ka raja is dividend where you have to mark all odd numbers present in your ticket. odd numbers are those which are not completely divided by 2.

image 8

Mahal – Full House

Mahal is a full house of your ticket. sometime when a game have multiple houses you can named as mahal 1, mahal 2, mahal 3 etc.

image 9

Your can offer Mere sapno ki Rani dividend For non Claimers too.

you can see our Roop ki rani choro ka raja on youtube also. bit different variations stated here

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