Kaccha Aam Candy/Toffee Recipe

Its Summer Time, Means its mango time. Now you can make your own fresh and real raw mango candy/toffee. Try it once you love it! simple, easy and real.


  • 250 gms raw mango
  • black salt 1/2 Tsp
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 Tsp chaat masala

How to prepare

  • Peel and cut raw mangoes and cut into pieces
  • Transfer it into mixer and add bit water in it
  • make a smooth paste of it.
  • add half glass water in it.
  • mix it well and strain it into a glass
  • now in a seprate pan add half glass water and sugar in it.
  • wait it sugar completely disslove in it.
  • now add mango syrup in it and cook it it turn to 1/4th
  • remove extra starch from top of syrup
  • check it if its prepared or not ? it will drop very slowly 3-4 lines from spatual.
  • pour it into silicon tray and let let it aside for half an hour st romm temperature
  • you candy is ready
ccy 1

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