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Are you chatora ??? Then enjoy it in Tambola game also. Fullfill your cravings with our special chatore theme tambola New and excited dividends to enjoy with family.

French Fries Dividend

image 1
Vertical lines (2,4,6,8)

Samosa Dividend

image 2
Samosa Dividend

Gol Gappe Dividend

image 3
Gol Gappe Dividend

Mithi Chutney Dividend

image 4
Mitthi Chutney Dividend

Khatti Chutney Dividend

image 5
Khatti Chutney Dividend

Khatta Meetha Dividend

image 6
Khatta Meetha Dividend (Any 3 odd and 3 even no.s )

Bhel Puri, Sev Puri and Paani Poori Dividend

  • Bhel poori is 1st line of ticket
  • Sev poori is second line of ticket
  • Paani Poori is third line od dividend

Houses of chatore Game

  • Raj Kachori
  • Aloo Chat
  • Fruit Chaat

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