How to make Father’s Day Card | DIY Father’s Day Card | Handmade Card | KittyFun DIY

Things Required

  • Red Sheet paper
  • Yellow Sheet Paper
  • Red Color Sketch pen
  • Black color Sketch pen
  • Silver water color
  • Golden water color
  • Scissor
  • Fevicol

Prepare Quick Father’s Day card to surprise your father.

Take a Paper of red color or blue color. fold it from center as shown in picture.

Cut a tie shape from yellow color paper

Cut it from center, separate it into two halves .

now paste one half on card side as shown in picture

you can make any design or slanting lines using sketch pens on tie as shown

make one moustache and write I , heart and DAD as shown using sketch pens colors

Fill I, Hear and Dad with colors , black, red and golden water color in it. and make boundaries from yellow water color and inside card you can write any quote like ‘Happy Father’s Day’

Final touch to spread some silver water color on heart and moustache and inside slogan. Final card is ready