Author: Swati Kapoor

Swati Kapoor (Former Consultant Nutritionist at Practo) - Nutritionist and a food technologist by profession She is in this industry from past 7 years. She started her Journey as with start up base company in 2012 as working as a senior nutritionist , Swati joined practo in bangalore as a consultant nutritionist, content writer and listed as a doctor in practo,where she worked for three years .Having worked with bloggers and school ,she doing her own practice since 2 years with Lybrate and time to time work on projects. She follows holistic approach in planning diet.She believes that food and eating habits are culture experience and completely individual choice. So, she helps in correcting your dietary habits while making you enjoy the food and realistic lifestyle changes through complete scientific based therapeutic diet. Her specialisation is towards weight management, therapeutic diets such as diabetes , heart , obesity and many more, pregnancy diets, kids nutrition, weight gain. She is a mother of a baby boy and currently inculcating a new hobby of cooking and designing recipes . You can check her few recipe for kids on YouTube which is designed for Klay prep school recently.