Enjoy Love theme in your February Kitty parties . Kittyfun come up with everything , Ideas for your theme games , food & invitation


First thing is how to Invite your friends for this theme. kittyfun provide special invitation for your love/valentine theme. to customize this or your own invite you can contact me on 9818020545

Video Invite

Theme Games

Second thought is what all game we can set with this this. no worries kittyfun provides you unique theme game ideas for every theme . here are few ideas of games.

1. Tambola Game

Balentine Tambola Game

Enjoy this unique funny tambola game in your love theme. you can enjoy in ladies as well as in couple theme parties. watch below youtube video to understand this ticket. you can download the layoutof this ticket free from here http://kittyfun.in/balentine-ticket/ . and if you required number written tickets you can contact us at 9818020545

Balentine tambola

we have one more intresting tambola for you to enjoy your love theme in unique way

Melodious tambola Game

Enjoy your tambola with love songs and special song dividend. for soft copies of tickets contact us at 9818020545

Melodious Tambola

2. Punctuality and Luck Games

Heart Luck or Hard Luck Game

we have special love luck game for you. enjoy this easy luck game as a luck or punctuality game in your kitty party

Heart Luck or Hard Luck

Love Dart Luck Game

here we have one more intresting punctuality game for you. especially made for love theme / valentine theme. enjoy your luck with ballons. watch below video to understand the whole game

Love dart luck game

3. One Minute Games

Love Shuv or Dhokha One Minute game

its a slip based game. unique game to enjoy your love theme. get whole idea of game below

Love Dice One Minute Game

Its a paper game with Dice. intresting love charts for your friends ita one minute game with luck. intresting and simple game, watch below video for whole idea


we have more games related to love as well valentine theme parties. you can visit this playlist to explore more games https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc3ImQ84PWKAqMLkr50UnnQgXvY5i8K6h

Dress Code

Now Third thought is what we can wear to make our parties more intresting and glamourous. And ofcourse to make our photos beautiful 🙂

here we have few ideas you can opt. for your love them parties.

Red Color is a love color so you can opt red color dresses for your parties . for example princess style red gown or red sarees

Image result for red gown
Image result for red sarees

Bore with pure red dresses, you ca do some fusion with colors like you can wear White color dress with red color accessories.

Related image

we have one more option for you, want to add some ethnic style in you love theme you can opt indian wear with rajasthani print for example red and white lehriya print . for suggestion check below images

Image result for red white lehriya
Image result for red white lehriya suit


Fourth thing is decoration of party. we suggest you if you go with pure red for dress code then decoration should be of light colors like white, bit red or yellow/ green.

Related image
Related image
Image result for valentine theme party decoration

Photo booth idea

Related image
Related image


Last and most important thing is food. now its a tough task to decide what we can make in food for love theme. so you can prepare anyting by giving shape or color of love. for egample you can serve beet root rice, heart shape kabab

Image result for beetroot rice
Beet root rice
Image result for heart shape kabab
heart shape kabab
Image result for valentine food
fruit Salad decoration
Image result for valentine cake

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