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5 Unique Games to rock in your Teej Parties

Enjoy different and unique games in your Teej parties/kitty parties.

Ek Chutki Sindoor One minute game | One minute teej special game

it is an interesting one-minute game to enjoy at your kitty parties. you have to make special preparation for this game

things required

  1. paper
  2. color
  3. makhane/lotus seeds

to get the full game idea below

2. Teej Special One Minute Game with luck and twist

This one is also an interesting idea, a little twist inside this game

Required things:-

  1. bangles
  2. disposable cup
  3. pencils

Get a Full game idea here

3. 2 in 1 Fun Game for Teej Lucky Ladies and Teej Queen

Enjoy your teej parties with lucky as well to decide your teej queen with this fun game

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Things Required

  1. Coins

2. Disposable glass

Checkout full game idea below

4. FUNNY 🤪🤡🤡🤪 One Minute Game

Enjoy this funny game at your teej parties. the only required thing to play is bindi’s. and also can play games in sitting or in a group also.

checkout below video

5. One Minute Teej and Saawan Special Game

Enjoy a Special One minute game for Sawan, Teej, and Karvachauth theme parties.

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