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5 New Games to Rock your Christmas Parties

Are you looking for unique games for Christmas parties? here we have 5 unique games to rock your winter kitty parties. check the mention of the games below

Lucky Group Game

Enjoy this lucky group game at your kitty party as well as kids’ get-together. for this game, you have to prepare this sheet to play and need to arrange approx 20-30 gifts. you can arrange as per your choice also just need to set keywords as explained in the video. for more checkout game video below

Wishes Tambola Game

Be ready with your wishes for Santa. enjoy this tambola with the same feel especially made for your Christmas parties.

This tambola is unique to play having a wish card and a twist with this game. checkout video below for game

Merry Chritmas Tambola Game with Santa Clause Gifts

Enjoy your tambola with Santa clause gifts. This is a special ticket I have made for your Christmas parties.and also it is different to play, there are lots of surprises and fun in this tambola game, to order tickets please contact at 9818020545. checkout full game idea in video below

Snow One Minute Game

It is an interesting game to play at your Christmas parties. This is a fun game, totally related to your Christmas theme parties. checkout whole idea of game in video below

Lucky Punctuality Game

Special Surprise game for your Christmas parties. this punctual game is with surprises same as Santa come at home with surprises. checkout the game idea below

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