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5 Awsome Games to rock your Winter Kitty parties

Enjoy your winter theme kitty parties with a special game dedicated for winters only, there are tambola, one-minute, and punctuality games, and also check out the winter/snow theme video invitation sample at the end of this blog.

1. Winter Special Tambola Dividends

These are dividends which are especially made for winter theme parties. there are total 6 -7 dividends to play this game. and also required 6 tickets in series to play.

checkout below video for game idea

2. Surprise Questions for Winter Theme parties

Here we have 7 unique surprise question for your get together’s or parties especially related to winters. checkout these 7 questions in below video

3. ‘सरकाए लियो ____जाड़ा लगे’ One Minute Naughty Game

This is intresting, funny and bit naughty game to play in your winter theme parties or winter parties .this is a written game which is going to play in a group. checkout the whole game idea at below link

click here for ‘सरकाए लियो ____जाड़ा लगे’ One Minute Naughty Game –

4. Ice Cream Fun Game

Here is one intresting fun game for you. it’s time to make icecream in winter season. checkout this one minute game in video below

5. Snowball One Minute Game

Lets’ enjoy snowballs in your kitty parties also. this one minute game is to enjoy event moment of winter season in your winter theme parties

and here is the sample of winter/snow theme invitation. to order you can contact at 9818020545

For snow theme party ideas checkout below video

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